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14K Solid Yellow Gold Rolling Ring - IN STOCK!

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14K Yellow Gold 3 Band Rolling Ring
  • This Ring is made out of SOLID GOLD.
    It is NOT gold plated or hollow.
  • Average Weight: 6 grams of 14K gold
    Approximate Band width: 3 mm per band 
  • Approximate Thickness:1.25 mm per band
  • Available sizes : 4 through 11
    (with half size increments)
  • This ring is also available in tricolor gold, all white gold, all rose gold and all yellow gold.
  • Satisfaction is GUARANTEED!
    If you are not happy we will refund your money!

Our number one question is what is the difference between the Thin, Medium, and Thick, versions of our rings. The thin was originally designed as a pinky ring and therefore it is a very delicate ring. Hence the reason it is only made up to size 8. The medium is our most popular as it is the most versatile. It works for both men and women who like the rolling ring but do not want to much weight. The thick ring is our widest and heaviest and works best for someone who likes a lot of ring or for men who have large hands. This is the perfect ring in the larger sizes, 11 and higher. 

 All this being said rings are a very personal expression of who you are and you know what you like. If you are accustomed to wearing larger ring you will love the thick version. If you are not as accustomed to wearing ring the light and delicate feel of the thin ring may be your best option.